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QA/Testing Services

UIT Systems understands the importance of software testing and shares its in-depth QA/Testing expertise in testing a wide range of systems, from mobile applications to web applications, to web platforms. With excellent knowhow and more than 7 years of experience, we at UIT Systems are able to plan and implement high-quality, industrial-grade software Quality & Testing processes. We offer the best of the app QA / Testing services to ensure that a mobile app is working without any issue or defect. We have designed a perfect mobile QA / Testing strategy to help businesses free themselves from complexities presented by multiple platforms, OS types, devices and carriers.


We offer following types of QA/Testing Services:


Functional Testing

We test the functionality of an app by ensuring that it is working as per the requirements. This test is driven by UI and call flows.


Laboratory Testing

We perform this test to discover glitches when an app uses voice command /and or data connection to perform a function.


Performance Testing

In this phase we test the performance and behavior of an app. There are certain conditions created such as low battery, weak network, low-available memory and simultaneous access to application's server by users for the performance testing of an app.


Memory Leakage Testing

We test memory leakage in an app so that it can manage the memory allocated to it. Wrong management or allocation of memory in the app can result in poor performance or overall slowdown of its system.


Interrupt Testing

In this testing we ensure that the application does not face any interruption in terms of calls, SMS, MMS, Notification, network coverage, recovery and several others. We test the app to handle these interruptions in any condition.


Usability Testing

This testing phase includes achieving the objectives of an app and getting constructive response from users. It is an important test for the commercial success of a mobile application.


Installation Testing

We verify in this testing that the Installation process of an app is carried out smoothly and without the end user having any difficulty. The whole process covers installation, updating and uninstalling of an application.


Certificate Testing

Last but not the least, we perform certificate testing to make sure that the app is compatible with each of the guidelines set by different mobile platforms.