A Software Development Outsourcing Company in India.
Creating value through excellence in innovation, quality and people

UIT Systems is a nimble footed custom application services provider that always keeps its services up to date with the latest market trends, providing the customers all over the world with optimal services for a wide spectrum of verticals including Manufacturing, Retail, IT, Finance, Securities, Automotive and Healthcare.


Our services range from development of Desktop apps, Client-Server apps, Web apps, Mobile apps, Cloud based applications to the latest SMAC based applications. In addition to custom software development, we provide Software Migration and Reengineering, Legacy Software Modernization and Software Testing services.


Over the years, we have gathered requisite expertise and experience in Product Development Life Cycle which enables us to provide Product development services across. We have successfully developed several products to our customers.


As one of our differentiators, our Japanese language abilities and our understanding of Japanese customer expectations enables us to provide Localization and Globalization of applications and products thereby providing cross market advantage for Japanese and non-Japanese markets to the customers.