A Software Development Outsourcing Company in India.
About Us
We provide high quality and cost-effective software development services to clients across the globe.
Our Approach

At UIT Systems we understand the needs of our clients and work closely with them to formalize the best approach for them. Our primary goal is client satisfaction and we take this seriously.


We strive to become a true IT partners to our clients to understand their IT needs – current and the foreseeable future. Based on this, we design the best approach suited for them. Each of the clients are as unique as the individuals we deal with and hence we do not impose the same approach for everyone.


Delivery Model
We almost always provide offshore based delivery of our services. This would mean that most of the work is done offshore (not at the client location). When the need arises, we do have senior delivery personnel on-site to ensure smooth flow of the execution of the project.


Pricing Model

The pricing model would be decided based on the duration (short / long term), size (small, medium or large scale) of the project.


The model would depend on

  • Clarity of the functionality to be incorporated into the application
  • Budget
  • Time lines

Fixed Price

This model would ideally be used in small to medium duration and small to medium complexity of the application requirement. Ideally this would suit the clients the best as the entire development lifecycle would be taken up by us. We define intermediate milestones which would give the clients the idea of the progress and helps in defining the invoice schedules etc. The premise made here is that the client is fully aware of the requirement and there would be little to no change in this throughout the development lifecycle.


Time & Material

This model would most suited when there is no clear cut requirement OR the decision of the requirement is taken as we go. While we work closely with the client to ensure the requirement is defined as clearly as possible, it does become important to define measurable short term milestones and change control processes to incorporate the changes as we go about building the application. Every addition or change would be well documented; effort estimates provided and signed off before commencing the work on them. The client is billed on the actual hours spent by the resources on a monthly basis. This model works best for clients who would need an extended IT team to cater to their software developmental and maintenance needs.